Be a traveller was developed to tell your story while cycling, hiking, cayaking etc. all over the world. It's about beeing outdoors all day, over several days, weeks, months.

This is a prove of concept and will be tested while I'm cycling from Gibraltar to Stuttgart in March/April 2017. If there's enough interest and publicity I will push this project afterwards and open it for everyone. There's a nice editing view yet and I heavily make use of the Strava API.

The core idea is to be able to tell your story nearly live with GPS track, images and text. This has many advantages:

  • Combine multiple channels like Strava, Instagram and add text, that wouldn't fit one of these channels (medium would be the choice for this)
  • make the contents available for everyone and follow by oldschool but everybody-has-it email
  • Awesome Layout :)
  • Publish your planned route
  • Show your progress stage by stage

If you're interested in collaboration, have questions or want to report issues, please text me some lines

Let's travel!


Jörg Jäckel
Rotenbergstraße 69A
70190 Stuttgart